Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School (commonly referred to as Mervo) is a public high school located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mervo was opened in 1953, established as a vocational-technical school that is named after Ottmar Mergenthaler. The school, according to its website, uses its curriculum to "educate students to function in an industrial and challenging technological society." All students must apply and meet certain standards of entrance criteria for acceptance to the school.

In 2008, Mervo has been named by the U.S. News and World Report, a "Bronze Medal" school. In 2012, The Mervo Mustangs Alumni Association. The Association has united classmates from the 1970s to present. Mervo also has accelerated curriculum which has both Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Honors Classes in all areas of education.

Mervo has 22 state-approved trades courses for students to enter into, including: (Accounting and Finance),Allied Health,Auto Body and Repair,Automotive Technology,Business Management,CADD(Coumputer Aided Drawing and Design),Capentry,ChildCare,CISCO Networking Academy,Commercial Baking,Cosmetology,Electrical Construction,Food Services, Graphic Arts and Printing, Law and Leadership,Masnory,Plumbing,Project Led The Way(Pre-Engineering), Teacher Academy and Welding.

Graduating Rates

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Mervo has one of the highest graduating rates in Baltimore City Public High Schools. The average graduating rate is at a successful percentage rate of above 85%,The students rather get into college or pursue there trade of choice and make a career out of it as soon as they graduate out of Mervo.

Attendance Rate

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Mervo student attendant rate has an average high percentage of 85% and higher. Especially through the 2011â€"2013 years and continues to keep growing and is one of the highest rate in Baltimore City Public School System up-to-date.

Football Field

Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School - Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School (Baltimore MD)

Football Team(Field and Sports Program) The football field was named Art Modell Field at Mervo in honor of Art Modell, the longtime owner of the Baltimore Ravens. The field's renovation was spearheaded by The Ravens All Community Team Foundation, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, CB Chris McAlister and the NFL Youth Football Fund. The $1 million project includes installation of a Sportexe turf field (like that at M&T Bank Stadium), additional bleachers on the home/away sides, a ticket booth, and upgrades to the restrooms and concession stand. Serving as the primary home to the Mervo High School football team, the stadium will also host the Northwood Youth Football league and the Baltimore Nighthawks of the Independent Women's Football League. The new $1 million football stadium will bear the name of former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell.

Mervo Clubs

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Mervo has many clubs for there students to be involved in and support groups. There are over 28 clubs afterschool for the student body too keep busy and help them be involved in the community.

  • Step Team
  • Cheerleading
  • Choir
  • Student Government
  • Badminton
  • Boys Baseball
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Drama
  • Band
  • Gay and Straight Club Alliance(G.S.A)
  • Robotics
  • Newspaper
  • Drama Club
  • Golf
  • Female Empowerment Club
  • Debate Team
  • LGBT Club(Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual)
  • Newspaper Club
  • Child care


Mervo has won championships against other schools and its football rival, Carver Vocational-Technical High School).

Mervo Football

  • Varsity Vo-Tech Bowl:(2010,2012,2013,2014)
  • JV Baltimore City Championships: (1984,1994,1996,2012)
  • Mervo Varsity Baltimore City Championship


Mervo Baseball

  • States:(1996,1997) *Regionals:(1996,1997) *City:(1996,1997)

Mervo Wrestling

  • State:(2009) *Regionals:(2006,2009,2012,2013,2014) *City:(2006,2009,2011,2012,2013,2014)

Mervo Girls Basketball

  • JV Baltimore City Championships:(2012,2013) *Varsity City Championships:(2012,2013)

Mervo Basketball

  • JV Baltimore City Championship:(2012) *Varsity City Championship:(2012) Regionals:(2012)

Mervo Tennis

  • City:(2012) *Regionals:(2012) *State:(2012)
  • Mervo Step team Diamond Divas * undefeated 2007-2008*

  • Cheerleading Championship(2012)

Mergenthaler crest

The official Mergenthaler crest is a blue and gold cogwheel for 10th-12th graders, which is representative of the vocational and technical industries that Mervo prepares its students for. The official Mergenthaler uniform shirts for 9th graders is a gold shirt with a blue cogwheel.

School song

The Mergenthaler School song was penned by the president of the senior class of 1955. The Song is performed by the Mergenthaler Mass Choir before each school assembly after the playing of The Star Spangled Banner. The lyrics are as follows:

Mergenthaler, Mergenthaler. To thy colors we'll be true
In the Shining Sun lies thy gold, In the Heavens thy Royal Blue.
From the earth we grew to meet the sky, is there any wonder why?
Our love burns strong for MVT! And the embers never die.
Alma Mater, Alma Mater, thy glories we will sing.
Let thy Mergenthaler praises echo as our voices ring.
For we love the spacious campus, and our spirit staunch and true.
All the symbols that God gave to me! Wrought in Gold and Royal Blue.

Notable alumni

  • Sisqo â€" R&B Singer
  • Bossman â€" Rapper
  • Marcus Hatten â€" Former NBA player and current EuroCup league MVP
  • James Carter â€" 2005 World Outdoor silver medalist; 3-time USA Outdoor champion (2002, 2004, 2007); 2002 World Cup champion; 4th at 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games
  • Tim Smith- 2010 Division 2 National Championship Finalist. GSC All Conference 2011, Golden Gate All Conference 2009. Baltimore City Indoor Athlete of the Year 2005.

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  • Official website
  • Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School - Maryland Report Card

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