Nashville School for the Arts (NSA) is a public magnet high school including grades 9-12 for arts-interested students located in Nashville, Tennessee. Major arts areas include dance, music, theatre, and visual art. The school once had a mass media program, which was shut down after the 2013-2014 school year, with former Mass Media students being given the option of finishing their years at the school. A literary arts program is planned to begin in the 2015-2016 school year. Students are expected to both study in their respective arts and complete the same academic curriculum as all other Metropolitan Nashville Public School students. While the school focuses on the arts, TCAP scores are above the Davidson County scores. Students must audition, interview, or write an essay to be accepted. There is no lottery admission to NSA.


Nashville School Of The Arts - The CMA Foundation Partners with Charles Esten to Support Arts ...

Nashville School of the Arts began as a small magnet program for arts-interested students in Pearl-Cohn High School in 1993. As time went on, NSA grew to a size warranting its own facility, which was achieved in 1996 on the former Cumberland School campus. The school has established pencil partners, which is a business or other community organization that teams up with a Nashville school to volunteer time and donate resources that promote student success, as well as community partners (including Youth Villages, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival, and PG-13 players.)


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Nashville School of the Arts's mission is to provide the highest quality instruction in the fine and performing arts while providing a challenging academic program for the talented and creative students in the public school community they serve.

School Counselors and Support Staff

Nashville School Of The Arts - Nashville School of the Arts Juried Competition -
  • April Gung â€" Senior Counselor
  • Beth Perkins â€" 9-11 Counselor (Last Names L-Z)
  • Shannon Riek â€" 9-11 Counselor (Last Names A-K)
  • Guidance Clerk â€" Kianna Winfrey
  • Main Office Clerk â€" Angela Smith
  • Senior Secretary â€" Vickie Songer
  • Library Clerk â€" Mary Murrey
  • Tech Support â€" Eric Culler
  • Consulting Teacher â€" Bryan Kipke
  • Nurse â€" Rebecca Weiser
  • School Resource Officer â€" Steve Turner
  • Campus Supervisor â€" Naomi Blaylock
  • Cafeteria Manager â€" Veronica Childs
  • Day Custodian â€" Ed O' Hara
  • Night Custodian â€" Tammy Parrish


Nashville School Of The Arts - Nashville School of the Arts Juried Competition -

Nashville School of the Arts is committed to leading the nation in the integration of arts and academics.


Carolina Blue and Black


  • Book Club â€" Sponsored by Hope Hall
  • National Honor Society â€" Sponsored by Michelle Kilkenny
  • National French Honor Society â€" Sponsored by Susan Pugh
  • Video game club â€" Sponsored by Charles Cardona
  • Spanish Club â€" Sponsored by William Hester
  • Yearbook â€" Sponsored by Angela Venable
  • Art Club â€" Sponsored by Camille Spadafino
  • National Art Honors Society â€" Sponsored by Marti Profitt-Streuli
  • Student Council â€" Sponsored by Misty Miranda
  • Senior Committee â€" Sponsored by April Gung
  • Anime Club â€" Sponsored by Deborah Bulla
  • National Tri-M Honors Society â€" Sponsored by Jennifer Burton and Laura Gabriel
  • French Club â€" Sponsored by Susan Pugh
  • Dance Honor Society â€" Sponsored by Stacy Flood-Popp
  • Dance Ensemble â€" Sponsored by Debra Perry
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes â€" Sponsored by Officer Turner
  • Jazz Ensemble â€" Sponsored by Richard Griffin
  • Swing Band â€" Sponsored by James Satterwhite
  • Improvisation Club â€" Sponsored by Kara Kindall
  • Madrigals â€" Sponsored by Walter Bitner
  • Show Choir â€" William Hester
  • Piano Club â€" Sponsored by Laura Gabriel
  • K-pop Club â€" Sobchack


Backstage is NSA's student-run newspaper. In 2010, the publication began a web-based format. Stories are added constantly, complete with upcoming NSA events, reviews, scheduled activities, and anything that is of interest to the student body.


  • 2012â€"present: Dr. Gregory Stewart
  • 2001â€"2012: Bob Wilson (Retired)
  • 1998â€"2001: Dr. Elbert Ross
  • 1997â€"1998: Robert Churchwell

Dean of Students

Randi Staggs â€" 2014â€"Present


"(Honors)" indicates the teacher teaches Honors level as well as the standard level for that course.

  • Misty Ayers-Miranda â€" English II (Honors) / AP English Literature
  • Deborah Bulla â€" Biology/Wellness / Anatomy and Physiology
  • Jennifer Burton â€" Music Theory / Music History/Senior Capstone
  • Chuck Cardona â€" Spanish II / Spanish III Honors / Contemporary Issues
  • Lesa Cook â€" English III (Honors) / AP English Language
  • Mark Duren â€" Resource / Learning Strategies
  • Stacie Flood-Popp â€" Modern Dance / Musical Theatre / Choreography
  • Susanne Frensley â€" World History / AP Art History / US History Honors
  • Laura Gabriel â€" Piano
  • Reebah Gann â€" US History / Government
  • Melissa Geitgey- Spanish I/ Spanish III Honors/ Spanish IV Honors
  • Richard Griffin â€" Band / Music Theory II / Pop Ensemble
  • Will Hester â€" AP Spanish / AP Music Theory/ Vocal Music/ Orchestra
  • Alexander Kammerer â€" AP Chemistry / AP Environmental Science / Chemistry (Honors)
  • Michelle Kilkenny â€" AP Calculus AB / Algebra II Honors / Pre-Calculus Honors
  • Kara Kindall â€" Theatre
  • Kanya Lai â€" English I(Honors) / English II
  • Faith Manion â€" English IV (Honors)
  • Greg Martindale â€" Geometry (Honors)
  • Patricia Pender- Physical Education I/II and Weight Training I/II
  • Debra Perry â€" Ballet / Theatrical Dance
  • Larry Phillips â€" Algebra I / Algebra II / Physics
  • Marti Profitt-Streuli â€" Art Survey / Art II / Art II / Senior Capstone
  • Susan Pugh â€" French I / French II / French III Honors / French IV Honors
  • James Satterwhite â€" Guitar / Swing Band / Psychology
  • Lucas Sobchack â€" Bridge Math / Personal Finance
  • Camille Spadafino â€" Drawing / Painting / Art III / Art IV / AP 2D/3D Art Drawing
  • Keith Spadafino â€" Economics / AP US History / AP Human Geography
  • Julius Turnipseed â€" Biology (Honors) / Chemistry
  • Christopher Vaida â€" Theatre Arts
  • Angela Venable â€" Algebra I (Honors) / Journalism

Assistant principals

  • Present: Oceana Sheehan
  • Chuck Cardona â€" Interim for inactive Mrs. Sheehan during two month maternity leave.
  • Tonja L. Williams
  • Lendozia Edward
  • Mary Nollner


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