Skyline High School is a four-year public secondary school in Idaho Falls, Idaho, one of two traditional high schools of the Idaho Falls School District #91. The school opened in 1968 on the west side of Idaho Falls, west of the Snake River. The school colors are navy blue, white, and Columbia blue, and the mascot is a grizzly.


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Skyline was the second high school established in Idaho Falls and the third in the Idaho Falls area after Bonneville High School. The Skyline classes of 1967 and 1968 were both originally part of Idaho Falls High School. Skyline High School was created in the fall of 1966, but due to incomplete construction, neither of the first two graduating classes (1967 or 1968) actually attended classes at the high school. Those students attended split sessions at the Idaho Falls High School during both the 1966â€"67 and 1967â€"68 school years. IFHS students attended school in the morning, and Skyline students attended in the afternoon. The Class of 1969 was the first to attend and graduate from the new building. The first principal of Skyline was Richard Bigelow. The school was originally planned to be built on the east side of Idaho Falls, on Sunnyside Road, where the majority of the students lived. However, due to immense protests by residents on the west side of town, the school was built on the west side. When Skyline was completed, it was thought of as the "country" school, because it was located away from the populated area. In the following decades the town grew to surround the high school. It was named after Skyline Drive, a major artery in Idaho Falls that ran from the Idaho Falls Airport to the edge of the high school. The street was named in the early 1950s by Margaret Cope Johns who with her husband Merritt Miller Johns developed the Johns Addition. In 2012, The Idaho Falls School District #91 made a change to the high school. Clair E. Gale Jr. High did not have the students to stay open. The district made Clair E. Gale into a Magnet High School, called Compass Academy. This caused the freshman to be moved into the high school. Skyline High School and Idaho Falls High School now serve 9 to 12. The changed caused Eagle Rock and Taylorview Jr. High to become middle schools. The borders were also changed. The district is still adjusting to the changes, as both high schools are having crowding issues now.


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Skyline competes in athletics in IHSAA Class 5A, with the largest schools in the state. It is currently a member of the High Country Conference (5A), competing against Idaho Falls, Hillcrest, Madison, and Highland of Pocatello.


Skyline's rival is Idaho Falls High School (IFHS); the two share an outdoor football and track stadium adjacent to IFHS. The stadium is called Ravsten Stadium in honor of the first coach of Skyline, who had transferred from Idaho Falls. Each year the two rivals face off in a game of football to decide the color of the goal posts at Ravsten Stadium (orange for Idaho Falls, or blue for Skyline). The event has come to be known as the Emotion Bowl [1], The rivalry between the two schools became very intense, and even garnered national attention. Local officials saw the need to lessen the intensity somewhat. This was accomplished by rescheduling the final game of the year, which had traditionally been between the two schools, and on a Saturday afternoon. Placing the game within the regular season had the calming effect that the officials were looking for. The stadium is also open to many other regional schools such as: Highland, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Rigby, Madison, and local teams Bonneville and Hillcrest.

State titles


  • Football (4): fall (A-1 Div II, now 4A) 1985, 1986, 1989, 1992 (official with introduction of playoffs, fall 1979)
    • (unofficial poll titles - 0) (poll introduced in 1963, through 1978)
  • Cross Country (1): fall 1997
  • Basketball (2): 1971, 1989
  • Wrestling (6): 1977, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1984, 2002


  • Volleyball (2): fall 1979, 2000 (introduced in 1976)
  • Track (2): 1992, 1993 (introduced in 1971)


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