ACS International Schools is a group of four private schools, three in England and one in Qatar. Until 2005, the organisation was known as American Community Schools. The four campuses are in Cobham and Egham in Surrey and in the London Borough of Hillingdon and Doha, Qatar which has opened in September 2011.


ACS International Schools - Case Study - ACS International Schools

ACS Cobham

Situated in Surrey, 15 miles from Central London, ACS Cobham offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma and an American curriculum including the Advanced Placement courses. Accommodating both day and boarding requirements, with separate-wing dormitory facilities for over 100 boys and girls grades 8 to 12.

ACS Egham

A day school situated on a 20-acre (8.1 ha) campus, in Surrey, opposite Windsor Great Park. ACS Egham specialises in the International Baccalaureate.

ACS Hillingdon

A day school that is located less than 15-mile (24 km) from Central London. The nearest tube stations are: Uxbridge and Hillingdon tube stations. The school is centered on Hillingdon Court, purchased by the organization in 1978. New buildings adjoining the mansion were built in 1986 further incorporating a gymnasium and cafeteria; a new wing was built in 1997. ACS Hillingdon rests on an 11-acre campus that encompasses a stunning mansion house and modern wing extension with libraries, science and IT labs, art studios, cafeteria, gym, auditorium, and a dedicated music centre called Harmony House. ACS Hillingdon offers a wide range of academic curriculum that to bests prepares their students for attending university internationally. Their rigorous academic program offers courses that satisfy the requirements needed for the International Baccalaureate Program, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, US High School Diploma, and Honors program.

ACS Doha

The newest campus opened in September 2011, initially enrolling students from 3 to 14 years of age.

Notable alumni

ACS International Schools - Case Study - ACS International Schools
  • Aaron Eckhart (1986) â€" actor
  • Alex Corbisiero (2005) â€" rugby player
  • Ankit Love (2002) â€" artist
  • Dave Weigel (2001) â€" writer
  • Max Ehmer (2010) - Footballer for QPR


ACS International Schools - Case Study - ACS International Schools
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