The Detroit Institute of Musical Arts (DIMA) was a music conservatory in Detroit, Michigan that was actively providing higher education in music from 1914-1970.


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The Detroit Institute of Musical Arts was founded by several Michigan based musicians and teachers. It opened its doors in the Autumn of 1914. The school granted its own degrees up until 1945 when it began awarding diplomas through the University of Detroit (UD). The school resumed granting its own degrees in the late 1950s when its association with the UD ended. In 1957 the school relocated to new facilities at 200 E. Kirby at the corner of John R and Kirby. In 1970 the school merged with the Detroit Music Settlement School to form the Detroit Community Music School. That school in turn became a part of the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in 1984, but was later passed off by the CCS to Marygrove College in 2000.

Notable alumni

Jazz it Up!
  • Kenneth Louis Cox II
  • James Jelasic
  • Ken Kersey
  • Betty Louise Lumby
  • Freda Payne
  • Larry Teal
  • Dino Valle
  • Earl Williams

Notable faculty

Alan Mercer's PROFILE: Freda Payne
  • Elio Gennari
  • Necia Desiree Harkless
  • William Howland


Classical saxophonists


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