The Queen's School of Business is located in Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs as a part of Queen's University, but is managed separately with its own dean and budget. The school of business became its own faculty in 1963 with its first dean, Lawrence Macpherson. The current dean at the Queen's School of Business is Dr. David Saunders.

The Queen's School of Business is fully accredited by the AACSB (United States) and the EFMD (EQUIS) (Europe).


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Queen's Commerce Program

Queen's Commerce is Canada's most prestigious undergraduate business program. In 2012, the mean entrance average was 91.1%, with 13.5% of students achieving an entrance average of over 95%.


Full-time MBA

The Queen's Full-time MBA program (previously Queen's MBA for Science and Technology) was ranked as the number one full-time MBA program in Canada and number one outside of the U.S. by bi-annual ranking of Business Week in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Environics ranked the Queen's Full-time MBA program number one in Canada in 2006 in their Report on Executive Education in Canada. In the 2012 QS Global 200 Business Schools Report the school was indexed as the 3rd best business school in Canada and the 16th best business school in North America.

Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates

The Queen's Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is a 12-month program that is targeted towards those who have already obtained an undergraduate degree in business, so rather than relearning concepts students can obtain an MBA in a minimal amount of time while continuing to work. Students are required to have an undergraduate degree in business with a minimum B average, two years work experience, outstanding letters of reference and a minimum GMAT score of 550 or QMAT equivalent. Some candidates may require additional testing of their knowledge of management fundamentals and/or English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.

Executive MBA

The Queen's Executive MBA program has been ranked as the best program in Canada for Executive MBAs by BusinessWeek and Environics. The program is 16 months in length and the admission decision is dependent on the applicants management experience, references, previous academic experience, QMAT (or GMAT) scores and a personal interview. There is no application fee as the process is purely competitive. The average Queen's Executive MBA student has an age of 35 years, but may be up to 50 years old, and boasts a minimum of 13 years working experience.

Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA

The Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA program offers a 17-month MBA program that gives students the opportunity to earn an MBA from Queen's University and from the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University that may be completed while continuing to work. Student applications are considered on the basis of their management experience, references, previous academic experience, QMAT or GMAT score and, for some applicants, a personal interview. All applicants must qualify for a U.S. Study Visa.

Master of International Business

The Queen's Master of International Business is a 12-20 month single or double degree program that focuses on international business curriculum and cross-cultural experience.

Applicants must have a minimum average of B+ in their four-year undergraduate business-related degree, written a GMAT or GRE and an English comprehension test if the applicant's native language is not English and their undergraduate university studies were taken in a language other than English.

Master of Science in Management

The Queen's Master of Science in Management (MSc) is a 12-month program that is divided up into three full terms of study, starting with the fall term in September and ending with the summer term. Research is focused upon one of eight fields of study: accounting, finance, management information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, management science , managerial economics and strategy. The MSc program allows for an advanced level of conceptual foundations in your chosen field which would aid highly focused research.

Applicants must have a minimum average of B+ in their four-year undergraduate degree in a discipline that is related to their field of interest (e.g. an honours BA in Economics would be suitable for an MSc in Finance), have written a GMAT or GRE and a TOEFL if English is not their native language. The role of the MSc program is to prepare students for higher level study in a doctoral program of their choice.

Doctoral program

The Queen's School of Business PhD program is rooted in the idea that there are substantial benefits in selecting both a major and a minor for developing analytic and research skills. Students select one major area of study from five; accounting, finance, management information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, management science and managerial economics, and a minor from within or outside of the school of business. The first two years of the Doctoral program consist of traditional courses and a research workshop with faculty to help develop research skills, and the last two years are dedicated to the development of the students thesis and dissertation. The philosophy is that the major goal of a doctoral program should be to develop the next generation of scholars and researchers so the program is geared towards developing a healthy breadth of knowledge to better aid each student's thesis.

Applicants typically have an A average in their Master's degree and are in the 85th percentile for their GMAT scores. They are expected to provide outstanding letters of recommendation, a well-developed statement of purpose and a TOEFL score of 600 if English is not their native language.

Master of Finance

The Queen's Master of Finance program is designed for aspiring investment bankers, asset managers and financial analysts. This intensive 10-month program combines residential sessions in Kingston with classes one evening per week and every other Saturday at the program's downtown Toronto facility. The curriculum includes extensive preparation for CFA exams and eventual CFA designation. Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, a minimum of two years relevant work experience, successful completion of the GMAT, QMAT GRE or equivalent and two letters of reference.

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

The Queen's Graduate Diploma in Accounting is a 12-week program consisting of five accounting courses that meet CPA certification requirements. Classes take place five days a week from early May until the end of July, with three hours of daily course work supplemented by individual study and course preparation. Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree with an emphasis on accounting and several course prerequisites (minimum 70% overall average in applicable CPA required courses).


Queen's School of Business

Almost all business classes are held in Goodes Hall, which sits at the upper-west corner of Queen's University campus. The building is named in honour of the family of Mel Goodes, a Commerce ‘57 alumnus and former Chairman & CEO of Warner-Lambert worldwide.

September 2012 marked the completion of a significant expansion of Goodes Hall, increasing the size of the facility by 75,000 feet to a total of 188,000 square feet. The expansion includes several new state-of-the-art classrooms, student breakout rooms, 51 additional faculty offices and many enhanced features for students.

The Queen's School of Business opened its first foreign campus in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the DIFC on May 25, 2007. Classes started in October 2007. The campus will mainly host Queen's executive development programs.


Queen's School of Business

QS Global 200 Business School Report 2012 Queen's Full-Time MBA

  1. 3rd in Canada
  2. 16th in North America

2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Full-Time MBA International Ranking placed 4th in the world

Financial Times Rankings

2015 Global MBA Ranking placed 86th in the world

2014 EMBA Cornell University: Johnson/Queen's School of Business ranked 47th

Notable alumni

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  • Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla Motors
  • Gordon Nixon, Former President, CEO, and Director, Royal Bank of Canada
  • John Stackhouse, Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail


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