The following is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Illinois.

Public colleges and universities

Two-year institutions

Four-year institutions

Private institutions

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Defunct institutions

College University: Benedictine University College Of Education
  • Abingdon College (1853â€"1888), in Abingdon, merged with Eureka College in 1885, campus closed in 1888
  • Barat College (1858â€"2005), in Lake Forest
  • Brown's Business College (1876â€"1994), numerous locations around Illinois
  • Evanston College for Ladies (1871â€"1873), merged with Northwestern University in 1873
  • Hedding College (1855â€"1927), in Abingdon, absorbed by Illinois Wesleyan University in 1930
  • Hillsboro College (1847â€"1852), in Hillsboro, moved to Springfield in 1852 as Illinois State University (1852â€"1870), moved to Carthage in 1870 and became Carthage College
  • Illinois Technical College (1950â€"1992), in Chicago
  • Jubilee College (1839â€"1862), near Brimfield, Peoria County
  • Judson College (1846â€"1860), in Mount Palatine
  • Lombard College (1853â€"1930), in Galesburg, after closing many students went to Knox College
  • Midwest College of Engineering (1967â€"1986), merged with Illinois Institute of Technology in 1986.
  • Mount Morris College (1879â€"1932), in Mount Morris
  • Mundelein College (1930â€"1991), in Chicago, merged with Loyola University Chicago in 1991
  • University of Nauvoo (1841â€"1845), in Nauvoo
  • Nauvoo University (2009â€"2010), in Nauvoo
  • St. Viator College (1865â€"1939), in Bourbonnais
  • Shurtleff College (1827â€"1957), in Alton, was absorbed by Southern Illinois University when its campus became the SIU Alton Residence Center, one of the two precursors of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The campus now houses the School of Dental Medicine.
  • State Community College of East Saint Louis (1969â€"1999), replaced by Metropolitan Community College around 1995, which was closed in 1999
  • William & Vashti College (1908â€"1918), in Aledo

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