EDHEC is a French “grande école” specialising in business and management, founded in 1906, and based in Lille. EDHEC Business School offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education on its campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore.

EDHEC Business School offers the following academic programs:

• The Masters’ Programme (M2) EDHEC Grande école (five-year degree) • The Bachelor’s Programme Espeme (four-year degree) • Master of Science Programmes • MBA Programmes (EDHEC Full-Time MBA and Executive MBA) • Executive education for managers (EDHEC Management Institute) • PhD in Finance • Research centres

It has 6,000 students enrolled in traditional graduate and undergraduate programmes, 10,000 in executive programmes, and an alumni base of roughly 24,000.

EDHEC Business School is EQUIS accredited by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Education), and AMBA accredited for the EDHEC MBA and Part-Time Executive MBAs programmes. It is also accredited by the AACSB and the French Conférence des grandes écoles.


EDHEC offers bachelor, Master in Management, Master of Science, and doctorate degrees in a variety of disciplines including finance, marketing, law and management. The school also has two Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs, one is full-time and another is a part-time executive MBA. Advanced degrees are taught either wholly English or in a mixture French and English, while the ESPEME bachelor degree is taught entirely in French.


The ESPEME Bachelor programme is taught on the School’s academic campuses in Lille and Nice. The programme also operates partnerships with 74 universities in 28 countries as well as double-degree agreements with five international universities.

EDHEC Grande Ecole

EDHEC Business School's flagship programme, the Master in Management - Grande Ecole Programme - was completely overhauled in 2010 in order to improve training for high-potential students. It now comprises two cycles - the Bachelor year and the Master cycle - taught on the Nice, Lille, Paris, London or Singapore campuses depending on the year and the track. The Master in Management programme trains managers capable of leading projects and teams in a global environment. It comprises courses in fundamental managerial disciplines as well as providing the opportunity to acquire expertise in a specific field.According to the new programme structure, students choose a main track (the Financial Economics track in Nice, or the Business Management track in Lille) from their second year. Two other specific tracks - (the European Apprenticeship track in Lille and Paris or the Inter-continental track followed on three continents) - are also offered.

Masters of Science

During the second year of the Master cycle, all students in the Financial Economics, Business Management and European Apprenticeship tracks choose a Master of Science (MSc) specialisation. Student holding a 4-year bachelor's degree can apply directly to a MSc without going through the normal cycle.


Over 25 nationalities are enrolled in this highly international programme designed for managers wishing to move in a new career direction. Taught entirely in English, the intensive 10-month programme includes three residential seminars in London, Singapore and San Francisco. The changes introduced in 2011 included reinforcements to finance and leadership courses and the addition of two new seminars, in London and Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurship is earmarked for consideration in 2013. Techniques to tackle the issues of corporate and managerial ethics and social responsibility now include philosophy courses, one-week sustainable development seminar in South Africa,criminal risks management seminar. Another innovation is the Career SMART programme, inspired by EDHEC’s Talent Identification & Career Development (TI&CD) programme (originally devised for the master- and bachelor-level programmes) and designed to assist MBA students in preparing their career plans.

EDHEC Management Institute

Today the School trains 10,000 managers and senior executives every year via a broad range of programmes, leading to degrees or professional certifications, and customised courses designed to cover the full range of business needs, e.g. Global MBA (Nice), Executive MBA (Lille), Management Development Programme (Lille), Advanced Management Programme (Paris), blended learning courses, customised company courses, executive seminars… Following the takeover of the MIP by EDHEC, the two entities’ executive education activities were consolidated in July 2010. The takeover doubled the size of EDHEC Business School’s executive education activities and strengthened collaboration with large international corporations, which has been further heightened by the development of the executive campuses in Paris, London and Singapore.

PhD (Doctorate)

Following its inauguration on the Nice Campus in September 2008, the EDHEC PhD in Finance is now offered on the executive campuses in London and Singapore.The doctoral programme is attached to the EDHEC-Risk Institute, the School’s financial research centre in Europe (Nice, and London)and Asia (Singapore), and leads to the title of “Philosophiae Doctor in Finance”. The PhD in Finance is taught entirely in English and demands considerable personal commitment and an excellent academic track record. The programme is geared to students with five years of higher-educational experience in economics, finance, management, mathematics, statistics or engineering.


Neuilly-sur-Seine à EDHEC Business School (Ecole des Hautes Etudes ...

EDHEC Business School is involved in academic research and was recently cited as one of the premier school in France for financial and risk management research.

The EDHEC-Risk and Asset Management (RAM) centre produces hedge funds style indexes, which are similar in purpose to CSFB/Tremont indexes on its website. It publishes a return based style analysis ranking of European mutual funds with Europerformance. The EDHEC-RAM is sponsored by financial organizations such as Euronext, Lyxor AM and Eurex.

EDHEC conducts applied research in the following fields:

Finance: Created in 2001 this centre does research in asset management, most particularly in the organisation and improvement of risk management.

Accounting and financial analysis: Created in 2006, the EDHEC Financial Analysis and Accounting Research Centre works on the choice of discount rate in company valuation and in particular on the integration of systemic accounting risk.

Economics: Since February 2006, EDHEC has had an economics research team focused on public policy and state reform. This team works on four broad themes: financing and reform of the welfare state, labor policies and competition, evaluation of sovereign risk and optimal management of the public debt and European budgetary governance.

Legal: The Legal EDHEC Research Centre has Legal Performance and Company Competitiveness as a subtitle. At the heart of the Centre is the notion of legal performance and its variations.


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Below is a nonexhaustive list:

Welcoming foreign students

  • Open Up (Lille and Nice) - Open Up Group consists of French business students who are eager to help all incoming exchange students. Open Up members organize trips to nearby European destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan, Florence and Corsica at very affordable prices. The society plans parties and local day trips for incoming exchange students in Erasmus or MSc/MBA students.


  • Prix de court (Lille) - The student organization behind the 'European Film Festival', a springboard for European filmmakers of short movies and a significant cultural event of the city of Lille. Created in 1984.
  • Le Chti - Grand Lille (Lille) - Lille City Guide (awarded as best French City Guide in 2011), published at 230.000 copies and distributed for free. In 2013, Le Chti celebrates its 40th anniversary.
  • Ad Lib (Lille) - concerts and music magazines
  • L'Agora (Conférences et Débats Edhec) (Lille) - Lectures and debates society. Since its creation in 2001, it had welcomed on the Lille campus various personalities. French politicians, European commissioners, Presidents, Ministers, athletes and journalists all came to chat with Edhec students.
  • Bureau des Arts (Lille & Nice)
  • Citepub-Citecom (Lille & Nice) - Citepub organizes "Les Etoiles de la Pub", a competitive exam for students in communication, cinema and graphism.
  • Dionysos (Lille) / La Grappe (Nice) - Wine degustations
  • La Clef des Planches (Lille) - Theater company.
  • Le Scandaleux Mag (Lille) - An online student journal, publishing daily articles, weekly videos and interviewing prestigious personalities such as ministers or senators.
  • Music'All (Lille) - Yearly musical show which combines drama, singing and dancing, with the help of slightly autistic children.

Social and humanitarian

  • Aide Edhec (Nice) - Humanitarian association helping disadvantaged children after school, helping children in Madagascar...
  • Nice 4L (Nice) - Humanitarian association which took part of the 4L Trophy in Morocco. "A garden for the children" is their motto
  • MHIGE - Humanitarian help to schools, hospitals, orphanages etc. of the countries victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe).
  • Un Des Sens - Social association organizing events about the five senses with literacy tuition as the "sixth sense".
  • L'Ombre et la Plume - Social association organizing sociocultural activities in prison for the under-eighteens detainees and working for the professional reintegration of ex-detainees and excluded people.
  • Oikos Lille - Local chapter of Oikos International whose aim is to promote CSR among the future managers.


  • EDHEC Junior Etudes - Student-run Marketing and Strategy Consulting Firm, 4th Junior-Enterprise in France.
  • CANDEO Investments (Nice) - EDHEC in-house hedge fund entirely run by students. The fund was created in January 2009 by MSc students and after several months of student recruitment and trial running, CANDEO Investments consequently subdivided into 3 subfunds - Forex/Fixed Income, Equity/ETF and Commodities & Derivatives Group. Commodities & Derivatives Group's main activities include: event-driven trading (US labour figures, inflation, retail sales, etc.), spread trading (mainly long/short Platinum-Palladium spread), momentum strategy (Wheat, soybeans, palladium, cotton, oats) and some speculative bets.
  • Edhec Jobs Management (Lille & Nice) - Temporary work agency for EDHEC students.

EDHEC alumni

Amsterdam airport to Best Western Plus Hotel Blue Square, Amsterdam by

Laurence Antoine (GE 1989), CEO, Caterpillar.

Mike Burke (GE 1980), CEO, Louis Vuitton Malletier.

Jean-Pierre de Montalivet (GE 1966), CEO, Power Consulting.

Bruno de Pampelonne (GE 1981), CEO, Tikehau Investment Management.

Bernard Fournier (GE 1962), N.E.D, Xerox Limited.

Regis Larose (GE 1981), Groupe Petit Bateau.

Thierry Marraud (GE 1966), Bolloré Group.

Gérard Guillemot (GE 1980), PDG, Gameloft (Creator of Ubisoft).

Geoffroy Sardin (GE 1993), Vice President Marketing Ubisoft.

Richard Simonin (GE 1976), Chairman et CEO, Limoni SPA.

Christian Polge (GE 1989), General Manager Franchise Operations North West Europe & Nordics, Coca-Cola Company.

Christophe Bonduelle (GE 1982), CEO Bonduelle Group.

Laurent Freixe (GE 1985), Executive Vice President Europe Nestlé.

Ghislaine Auxoux (GE 1981), CEO, Xerox France.

Franck Moison (GE 1975), CEO, Colgate Palmolive Europe.

Hugo Kunetz (GE 1990), President North America, L'Oreal PPD.

Benoît Testard (GE 1980), CEO, United Biscuits Europe.

Amélie Simi-Vidal (GE 1989), CEO, Henkel France.

Philippe Fortunato (GE 1989), CEO, Louis Vuitton China.

Delphine Bresson (GE 1986), General Manager, Lancôme.

Philippe Durand (GE 1979), Vice Chairman, Texas Instruments.

Étienne Aubourg (GE 1981), Vice President Groupe AXA.

Delphine Arnault (GE 1998), Christian Dior Couture.

Brigitte Cantaloube (GE 1991), CEO, Yahoo! France.

Martial Sekely (GE 1981), General Manager, Lactalis.

Pierre-Olivier Brial (GE 1996), General Manager, Manutan International.

Jean-Jacques Goldman (GE 1974), singer.


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